MA degree project

In a foreseeable future we can expect increased precipitation, raised sea levels and flooding in Scandinavia. Casual commuting might more frequently include dealing with heavy sky fall, flooded streets and soaking wet clothes. But as we say in Sweden ”Any weather is tolerable as long as you have the right clothes”.

Tretorn is a brand that truly knows bad weather. They have a long heritage that dates back to 1891 when they first started making rubber boots in Helsingborg, Sweden. Today they are most famous for their iconic sneakers, rubber-boots and rainwear. Together with Tretorn, I have dedicated my master-thesis on bridging the gap between the sneaker and the rubber boot to create a hybrid shoe that has all the benefits of a comfortable sneaker, while providing all the benefits of a rubber boot to keep your legs and feet dry when the rain starts pouring down on you.

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Oskar Malm
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