Toy Pots

The purpose of this collection is to attract or inspire people to have a connection and interaction with the plants they grow.

Toys always draw people’s attention and, no matter what age you are, people love them. The idea is to find a way to use pots as toys so that people pay more attention to growing.

One item in the collection is a ‘top spinning’. People can use the stick in the middle of the pot to make it rotate, which makes watering easy as the water sprinkles from different directions. Another piece is the ‘seesaw’. The different weight of each side during the growing process would keep changing the balance, which is another way to draw peoples attention to the growing process. The sculpture of all pieces in the collection connects to each other.

The core value of the collection is all about bridging the gap between people and growing in a way which ensures pleasure and enjoyment.

Project info
Linyuzi Zhang
Presskit (2.57 MB)