Our dating culture has in recent years changed significantly when it comes to the different techniques we use to get in touch with new people. In our society today we travel all over the world and our social networks reaches beyond our workplaces, families and neighbors. To use social media as a direct contact with our loved ones’ is more of a rule then an exception. So why not take advantage of this when it comes down to finding love as well? Over the decades we always found new ways to get in touch with new people by ”heta linjen”, adds in newspapers, pen-pals etc. Today there is an endless variety of online dating sites and dating apps. A few years after Tinder was founded the dating app world exploded and today Tinder has users all over the world with ”..a billion swipes per day”. Some claim Tinder is the cause of making it difficult and even impossible for single people to find a match who is ready to settle down, since the app provides with an endless variety of single people all over the world. In Sweden the app is extremely popular, and the number of users keeps increases. Both men and women between all ages see the advantage of using the app. But it does come with a price. Is it a little bit embarrassing to be on Tinder? What is the stigma that surrounds the world of Tinder?
This project would focus of the stories around Tinder. By talking and interviewing users and non users of Tinder it would be obvious that the curiosity and wish of sharing stories around dating, love and relationships was greater then expected. The beautiful stories, thoughts, questions, preconceptions and experiences was collected into three different magazines about the topic. To serve its readers with information and thoughts with the purpose of educational content.

Project info
Madeleine Axelsson