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Transporting children safely with electric bikes

The amount of biking accidents have increased, parallel to the increased use of electric bikes but the child bike seats have remained the same – until now

How might we develop a product that will increase the safety for children being transported with electric bikes, and improve the users’ perceived safety of the product?

In collaboration with Thule, we have developed a rear mounted child bike seat for the European market. The most common biking accidents are due to falling, biking into a static object and slippery surfaces – all of which results in the bike falling to the side. Children in rear mounted child bike seats most often injure their feet, ankles, head, and face.

Having support behind the child’s head is empirically proven to decrease the risk of injury in case of an accident. The tall back and top of this seat provides a surrounding and protecting head support for children 9 months – 6 years old. The embracing sides of the seat keep the child’s arms inside and are big enough for the child to rest their head against when sleeping, but small enough to not interfere with the vision. The neck pillow stabilizes the head through supporting the neck and creates a more comfortable space for the helmet. The extra wide and curved foot straps give better protection for the ankles and the reflector that runs along the whole seat makes it visible from all angles.

Project info
Nathalie Kvist
Rebecka Samuelsson