The Way of Nordic Tea

When Swedish herbal tea meets the Japanese tea ceremony to encourage local production and reduce the environmental impact

This series includes a teapot, teacups and two tea infusers (in different sizes to fit the vessels) adapted to encourage the use of Swedish herbal tea but inspired by the Japanese style of tea making, The Japanese Tea Ceremony. The products are designed to meet user requirements, such as letting the tea dance in the water. They are made of transparent glass to enable the user to determine the strength by the colour of the water and also to witness the beautiful process of tea brewing. The glass can be produced with recycled glass and can be manufactured locally in Sweden. The products can be used as many times as desired and can then be recycled if they break. The project has excluded large parts of the emissions of carbon from transport and the production of tea bags. The goal of excluding the linear system of tea bags is achieved with a circular system of products adapted to the use of Swedish herbal tea, encouraging the recycling of the tea itself as well as the tea making set and local production.

Project info
Natalie Bhanji
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