the simple bike project

Blueprint for a self-build wooden bicycle

this project proposes a blueprint for a self-build wooden bicycle that can be fitted to individual users and modified according to personal preferences.

This project was inspired by the increasing lack of accessibility and difficulty of repairing modern bikes. My aim was to counter this trend by offering a design that is as simple as possible, thus reducing the complexity of construction and making building more accessible to a broader audience. The bicycle is build on 26-inch wheels and uses beam sizes that can be easily found in local hardware stores. This minimalist appraoch ensures that the essential structure of the bike is low in complexity and allows straightforward assembly and costumisation. Users have the freedom to adjust various measurements to fit their personal preferences and body sizes. the booklet provides essential information on different measurements, a list of necessary components and a step-by-step assembly guide, which should make the building process more easy.

Project info
Moritz schewe