The Modular Greenhouse 

Modular greenhouse

The desire for a deeper connection with nature has grown. The shift towards eco-conscious living, shows that people want more sustainable and nature-inspired choices.

In response, I’m motivated to channel these sentiments into a design project. Building on increased environmental awareness, the design of my modular wooden greenhouse blends functionality with environmental responsibility. The greenhouse will serve as a functional space for plants and symbolize harmony between human spaces and nature. It will use sustainable materials, energy-efficient production, and innovative solutions to reduce the ecological footprint of typical greenhouses.

This greenhouse is not just a structure; it is an assembly that anyone can build and personalize in their garden, courtyard, or even on their balcony. 

Scan the QR-code on the greenhouse to see how quick and easy it is to assemble, all by yourself!

Project info
Algot Karlén