ba/The Disappearing Package

The aim of this bachelor project was to create sustainable clothing packaging, as clothes are the most bought item online within the EU.

Four concepts were developed to reduce this unnecessary waste:

  1. using less materials,
  2. using compostable materials,
  3. finding a second usage and,
  4. leaving no traces.

A combination of the third and fourth concepts were developed – resulting in a ‘disappearing’ package. The package includes a detergent-strip and is meant to be dissolved in the washing machine.

Different soluble materials have been researched and tested with. Aquapak makes soluble, eco-friendly washing bags made of the polymer polyvinyl alcohol and this material can also be used for packaging. The material is soft but strong, somewhat rain resistant and soluble in 40°C. Microorganisms in the wastewater treatment plant break down the material completely, leaving no harmful microplastics behind. The layout of the package reflects the second usage and affords customers how to recycle it. A second hand company, Sellpy, has been targeted, as pre-used clothes can motivate customers to recycle the package together with the clothing in the washer.