clothes drying rack

Stretchy is a foldable drying rack designed to encourage people to hang clothes to dry instead of using a drying machine.

The drying machine people nowadays taking for granted is actually responsible for a large ratio of energy consumption. A typical dryer of 2000 watts power would contribute approximately 2.7 kg of carbon dioxide emission each time you turn it on for 1.5 hours, which is equivalent to turn on 500 LED bulbs simultaneously for an hour. Also, dryers make clothes messy with static.

Stretchy has three main features. First is the foldable frame for space saving. Second is the rotary structure where the user could rotate the racks, so it’s easy to hang clothes as well as treating it as a display spinner rack. Thirdly, by using hangers it has a maximum capacity of hanging 30 clothes simultaneously, with enough gap between every two clothes.

Project info
Yongdong Long
Presskit (34.50 MB)