combining calming sounds with visual and interactive stimulation in an analogue way.

Certain sounds can have a calming effect on us humans. I choose to work with a combination of white and green noise. White noise is unstructured sound waves between 20-20 000 Hz which blocks out unwanted noise. Green noises are certain soothing sounds coming from nature; like waves, wind or streams. I decided to replicate the sound of rain.
Digital products like phones and computers take a lot of space in our daily lives and can be a part of creating stress. Therefore, it was important to design an analogue product. The moment of relaxation should not be a reminder of the stressful things in life.
The analogue technologies also give an opportunity to create additional relaxation through vision and interaction. Watching the drops fall and the action of pouring the water and keeping the cycle going can add to the relaxation.
The product is put together using no screws or glue and is made for the home or the office.

Project info
Viktor Rhodin