Soap tray

Promote the use of solid soap in order to accomplish a positive ecological impact on our oceans and planet

We live in a limited planet with limited resources and so we must act accordingly. Little action is needed and it is in our hands to do something about it.

This project is meant to bring into focus the linear nature of a lot of the products we use daily, such as the packaging of body soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

The aim of the project is to switch the end-users perspective when purchasing single-use goods. It is imperative that we take action, and as consumers we start demanding the industry to make some changes.

The inspiration for the design comes from architecture, in particular from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim museum’s section. The implementation of cognitive ergonomics is very important to me, and that’s why the geometry itself explains the function clearly.

Based on the industrial design Bauhaus principles, the design is meant to be practical in the sense that it’s stackable for its transportation. It’s meant to go on one of the corners of the bathtub not taking much space.

Project info
Xènia Roig Masnou
Presskit (5.87 MB)