Creating new features of a backpack to reduce the potential of having a forward head posture from wearing backpacks.

Snowman aims to reduce the damaging effect on the back of children wearing heavy backpacks. While children use backpacks almost every day for school, it is becoming a growing trend as well among adults. Unfortunately, few notice the damaging effect backpacks are having on our bodies.
A loaded backpack generates a strong bearing down force. To keep the balance of the body, our heads will move forward unconsciously. Overtime this can create an unhealthy forward head posture gradually and also other health risks.
Of course, we can release some pressure on our shoulders by packing less things in backpacks, but sometimes this is not an option, so we need another way. Theoretically, we can move the gravity centre of a loaded backpack up to decrease the degree of forward head. However, most existing backpacks have a lower centre of gravity when loaded with big bottom space and an external pocket on the bottom. Therefore, for distributing more weight to the upper part of a backpack, instead of the existing b-shaped backpacks, I made a P-shaped backpack for getting a higher gravity centre when loaded.
Next step is strengthening the effect, I added another function that can move the bottom of the backpack up by draw out the side ropes, so that it can shrink. When the user does that, the backpack would look like it is melting, like a snowman thawing, so I named it “ snowman”. The users will be encouraged to let their “ snowman” thaw when they do not have many things in the backpack.

Project info
Xinhong Zhao