lighting design

SKOGSBAD, meaning “forest bathing” is the therapy of being in nature, which is important to our mental and physical health. SKOGSBAD aims to bring the experience of sun rays shining through leaves and trees, into the home – to bring the sensation of bathing in sunlight, for those who cannot leave their homes.

Pushing on the inspiration from the forest, the lamp is made completely out of ash wood and paper. The lamp is flexible and feels alive thanks to its thin ellipses that create a dynamic form as well as interesting light and shadow play.

By turning the ellipses, the light can be dimmed and the shape of the lamp personalized. An important focus point was to develop a lamp that projects a diffused, soft light for an environment that is meant for recovery and well-being.

Project info
Sara Sigurdardottir
Presskit (21.96 MB)