enhancing imagination by stimulating senses

sino provides a guided self hypnosis intensified by the stimulation of senses. With essential oil, light and 3D sound the senses get stimulated to create both a vivid imagined and memorable experience. By smelling the same scent afterwards the experienced feeling can get triggered again and affect the user’s well being.
We always perceive our environment through our senses, consciously or subconsciously. When we pay attention to a situation or are emotionally affected by it, it is likely that it gets saved as a neuronal connection – as a memory in our brain. The more we get affected and the more senses are involved the stronger a neuronal connection can be. This means that it is more likely that the same neurons will fire again simultaneously when this memory is triggered. By connecting parts of existing memories in a new way, imagination lets us assume things that are not present or not even real. The stimulation of senses makes this imagination more likely to get saved as a triggerable memory. Imagine yourself in a forest. You are walking around taking slow and deep breaths. You listen to the singing birds and hear the leaves rustling above you. You calm down and relax. You feel the sun shining on your face and breathe slowly. You hear the wind and as you’re breathing in, you smell the pleasant scent of the forest. By smelling the cartridge that includes the essential oil, this story and the feeling are remembered and can therefore calm you down again.

Project info
Matthias Knötzinger