A series of smart tableware

Silly – Smart is a commentary on how everything nowadays has to be “smart” and filled with functionalities that, quite possibly, we don’t really need. 

Through a series of four, traditionally analog tableware objects, equipped with technology that, in theory, should provide useful information, but in practice ends up being plainly silly, we want to raise the question of “do we really need this?” and “where is the border of rationality?”

Each of the objects focuses on and showcases a different aspect of a “smart” device. The Plate, which provides information about things such as temperature, the healthiness of the food, and the number of calories Encompasses the idea of going to the extreme with the amount of provided information and statistics and the level of detail and accuracy they have. The Knife, which tells us the cutting speed and perfect slicing position represents over-functional products that provide information that while interesting is completely unnecessary. And The Condiment Set encompasses objects that provide information that can be easily learned by just observation or interaction with it. 

Project info
Jagoda Ziajka
Noomi Yuhan Huang