Significant digging

a step towards great harvest results

Spread of mass-produced food changed people’s relation to growing. Inventions decreased knowledge, interest and enjoyment of the growing process as well as it reduced food quality and taste. Natural, fresh and nutritious vegetables, fruits and herbs became a scarcity nowadays.

What if great harvest results and less complicated, more understandable process may attract people to grow plants?

The planting process is one of the main steps that have influence on quality and quantity of harvest. It is important to provide enough space for the root system. A hand-carved wooden tool helps to dig rows on a right depth for sowing different types of seeds. It can contain three common planting depths or everyone can choose a right one for their favorite type of plants – just by adding a measuring line. Length and handle angle can vary depending on usage place: in the garden or inside the home. It enables beginner to understand the process and is useful for amateur. Fresh and nutritious food can be accessible for everyone.

Eat tastier, be healthy and smile more!

Project info
Jekaterina Potapova
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