Scuba Diving Helmet

Exploring the future of scuba diving

In this project I wanted to explore the future possibilities of scuba diving equipment. Not having a scuba diving certificate myself, I had to start by immersing myself in a new subject, and then apply my new knowledge to creating something new. After doing some interviews with divers, I found some problems in need of solving – for example the extent to which commonly used goggle-solutions limit the divers field of vision, and how holding a scuba diving regulator (breathing device) in your mouth for extended periods of time can result in jaw pain Full face masks exist, but I wanted to create a new solution. Through exploration by sketches and 3d-modeling, I arrived at the current solution. The helmet is sealed tight against the user with a neoprene neck. The visor can be opened by turning the screw in front, in case the user needs to access their back-up regulator. Pressure equalization is performed by squeezing the tweezers which compresses the nose. The visor is made from polycabonate, while the inner shell is polyurethane and the outer shell polystyrene. The helmet allows for wireless voice communication.

Project info
Marcus Rydén