A package free shopping system to help beginners adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle

As environmental changes become tangible, so does the need to restructure the defective patterns of production and consumption in societies. Linear food packaging systems, accounting for 35% of global plastic waste, have heavy ecological consequences that we cannot afford to ignore any longer.

In some countries, people are beginning to adopt package free shopping. The difficulty embedded in this shopping behaviour, in contrast with current supermarket habits, is what keeps it from growing. It requires customers to plan ahead, know exactly what and how much they want, and bring the right number of jars and bags. Another problem faced by beginners, is the conversion from weight to volume. This may seem like a trivial issue for those who
buy their food in pre-packaged measurable units, yet in package free shopping you need to bring the right volume containers!

Scale is an integrated shopping list that comes with three different sized containers and cloth bags. It was designed to facilitate package free shopping for beginners and works by offering a thorough shopping list with assistance in converting weight to volume. The calculation is done using the shopping list table, and once the users decide how much of each product they need, they take the label of that container, which is used to store items at home, and attach it to the appropriate section of the shopping list. Then, they can bring the needed bags to the shop and label each one with the item they purchase.

Project info
Sheida Amiri Rigi
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