Helmi, Estrid & Irma

The relationships you build with your belongings are in many ways similar to the ones you make with people. To be able to build a long term and long appreciated relationship, quality is of high importance – otherwise it is likely to end as a short romance. Personality traits are also essential such as open, kind, charming or wild – characteristics you gladly surround yourself with or traits you like reflecting yourself in.

The chairs are made through CNC milling, a time and material efficient production method that limits the waste of material excess. Because of the design flat packaging is made possible and mounting can be achieved at home with no require of screws or tools. In addition the material is a resource available in Sweden yet inexpensive.

The construction is built on the idea of the spine as a significance of characteristics. The back bone construction unites the structure of Helmi, Estrid and Irma meanwhile gives them the aesthetics and personality of being courageous.

Project info
Hermine Blixt