Light in motion

Though we cannot go without it, sometimes we forget to breathe; Respire is the light that guides your breathing. We often seek human presence in situations of discomfort, but when this is not an option we attempt to calm and comfort ourselves through other means. By drawing our attention to our breathing we can relax our bodies, soothe our minds and help ourselves through difficult moments.
Respire brings a subtle human presence to the home through its warm, gently pulsating glow, and invites you to breathe with it at a healthy, serene respiration rate. This portable light includes three use modes: the first mode pulsates at a constant twelve breaths per minute, the second guides you from a higher respiration rate to the resting rate, and the third is a static, ambient light. Let Respire be a friendly reminder of how therapeutic mindful breathing can be.

Project info
Sara Schult
Presskit (75.35 MB)