Refurb V1

A project about prolonging the lifetime of a hand vacuum

This project addresses the longevity of small electrical home appliances and how one through design can prolong the life of a product. During the project, multiple interviews were performed with knowledgeable people, regarding today’s electrical recycling and how to design for longevity. Knowledge was also gathered through literature studies and performance of a survey. Working with a design concept for maintaining and upgrading, while aiming to create a product which would enhance the users emotional attachment, the project resulted in the Refurb V1. The Refurb V1 is a modular handheld vacuum, which can be disassembled into its core components. This feature facilitates cleaning as well as allowing the user to replace and upgrade parts after need.

Since one of the most common reasons for replacing a small electrical appliance today is caused by the product stop working, the project also explored a way for the user to more easily troubleshoot the product. With the use of sound for instant notification, in combination with an app, the user is immediately informed when a problem with the vacuum arises. By providing the user problem solving options, a more straightforward way of taking care of the vacuum could be presented.

In collaboration with Electrolux.

Project info