A Reda-jar for the modern, package-free kitchen

A container for food and grains bought in a package free store, inspired by the 30’s Reda-jar, suitable for the modern kitchen.

Today, to support an upcoming, and returning, system of package free food consumption, package free grocery stores are popping up in cities. This is still a trend-driven and not yet systematic concept, but it has major motivation; sustainability.

The store to door-system in the past was more circular than that of today. Grains and dry products were bought in bulkgrain dispensers and put into bags, or in fabric bags. The product were then brought home and put in a jar, kept in the fabric bag or put in what was common in the Swedish kitchen since the 30s, a system of Reda-jars; bars of glass boxes included in the interior of the kitchen.

In today’s kitchen we have no place to put our package free grains and dry products. Enter Redan, a Reda-jar for the modern kitchen.

Project info
Ellinor Fast
Presskit (16.25 MB)