NextGen Electric Surfboards

Electric surfboards are expensive toys. They are seeked for their ability to provide unmatched fun in water. Ranger is an electric surfboard redesigned for thrill and comfort. Designed in collaboration with Radinn, a market leader in electric surfboards, the product has to offer superior service and style.

Electric surfboards are looked at as elite machines that professionals use. As sophisticated as they might look and perform, they are open and natural to use. Anybody can surf with electric surfboards.

To redesign electric surfboards means to reassure its appeal as an easy and natural machine for anyone. Studying the habits and preferences of current and future riders, Ranger was designed to add more usage methods to the existing E-Surfboards. Now, the rider can choose between standing and sitting while riding these jetboards.

This thesis was mostly about getting to know the existing market for electric surfboards and predicting its future, to then be able to design a product that can assist the brand to push its boundaries and win over the market.

Project info
Snehan Chakravarthi