A renewable kitchen cleaning set made out of the loofah plant

Qingying is a kitchen cleaning set made of loofah, wood and brass, to offer an enjoyable cleaning experience for people nowadays. “Qingying” comes from a Chinese word, which means light and elegant. It is both a direct description of its light weight and exquisite appearance, and a metaphor for it’s sustainability – no environmental impact.

Inspired by traditional ways of kitchen cleaning in eastern countries and the survey of people’s cleaning behaviours, Qingying explores new possibilities of using loofah as a material in products for everyday life. With the easily assembled loofah head, people can replace only this in order to avoid complete product waste. Qingying is a combination of the traditional material with modern utility by importing the language of functionality and aesthetics of traditions into a post-industrial context. The combination creates a strong sense of contrast which further highlights the design.


Project info
Jingbei Zheng
Presskit (15.32 MB)