Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is framed around widening the scope of use for waste and unrefined materials by developing new bio-composites.

In the context of the Anthropocene we have to change the perceptions and conversations we have with materials and discuss topics centered around modern production processes which are becoming ever more complex and opaque. Pulp Fiction aims to transform Swedish industrial surplus and by-products into new bio-composites using unrefined matter such as gluten, pine resin and iron ore dust and strengthen bonds between producers, farmers, industries and makers. By using and compiling from what’s at hand, combining modest tools with hyper-ordinary materials shape and method become one. What at first looks like a playful experiment is based on a very serious idea. How is it possible today for people to live an autonomous life and take care of their own needs? And could this be done through investigating the kitchen as a production place? This work encourages a better material culture and instigates the public to new possibilities for creativity and autonomy in a post-anthropocentric world.

Project info
Axel Landström
Victor Isaksson Pirtti