a portable pendant lamp

I asked my friends to share with me a picture of their patio and balcony. One of them complained about the extension cord which she had to pass through the window every time she was hosting a party. It made me realise that a lack of sockets outside is a common phenomena.
I wanted to design a battery-driven luminaire which would address this problem. Pulley is a flexible pendant lamp for an inside/outside use. You can hang the cable around the wheel or roll it around a branch or a beam. By pulling the counterweight up and down, you can easily adjust the height of the light source. The aluminium lamp is dimmable and comes in different colour finishes.
In my project I wanted to play with an archetypal form (a workshop lamp) by giving it a modern twist. You turn it on by touching a disk with a 3-step touch sensor that appears to float below the lamp-shade. The counterweight consists of 2 parts connected by magnets. To charge it, detach the lower part that hosts a battery and a micro USB port and hook the upper part to the shade to keep the lamp in balance.

Project info
Kasia Waśniowska