Project Drive

Cobra is an electric vehicle constructed for contractors in urban areas, designed to replace the conventional ways of transportation.

This project aims to address the problem of traffic congestion as more people moving to urban areas. As a result of this, getting around becomes harder. For most of us, it’s just an annoying fact, but for contractors working in the cities, this results in wasted time and money. The increase in cars also contributes to higher emissions that severely worsen the climate in our cities.
I analyzed how contractors get around to understand the problems they face today, mainly through interviews and research into the profession.
Cobra is the result of three months of research, ideating, testing, and prototyping. I have created a vehicle by focusing on the user that satisfies the needs and requirements set on the car, combined with the benefits of a two-wheeled scooter.
Cobra is electric, maintenance free and virtually silent. With a motor hidden inside the rear hub and an easily accessible battery to make it easy to charge.

Project info
Kristiansson Ludwig