ma/Personal Apartment Composting Box

Family compost is always an environmentally friendly and economic thing to do when you have several family members and a garden or backyard. It can provide. It can provide rich and natural fertilizer to the plants in your backyard, and at the same time take away the troubles of handling food waste. However, for those who live in an apartment, composting may not be an easy thing to do. They don’t have a huge space to support them in turning kitchen waste into fertilizer, or raising large areas of plants that need to be fertilized.

The food waste generated by each person every day is not much, but the total amount of these wastes is still quite alarming. The rubbish is piled up in the trash can at home or downstairs, and it has begun to decay and deteriorate before being collected. I hope to design a product for people living in apartments to solve a series of problems caused by food waste stacking.