An animated video series to help prevent long lasting depression

Some things cannot be understood unless experienced firsthand or through years of dedicated study. Depression falls into this category. It is exceedingly difficult for those who have not experienced depression to comprehend its impact. Overcoming depression is a challenging journey that requires time. However, the earlier one begins seeking help, the easier it becomes to find suitable assistance.

The vaccine for depression is information. It is imperative that we educate our youth about this illness, how to cope with it, and where to seek help, as depression can be fatal. In Sweden alone, it claims the lives of around 1,200 individuals every year.

This project is driven by the desire to develop a vaccine for depression. It aims to gather information from individuals with personal experience and present it to teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 before or in early stages of their depression to help prevent a long lasting illness and suicide.

The result of the project is an animated video series. In the exhibition booth you can view the pilot episode of the planned video series. The booth is made to provide privacy and security for you who watch the episode since depression can be a sensitive subject.

Project info
Frida-Tim Otterbeck