ba/Paper pulp

and what to do with it

Molded paper pulp is most commonly associated with egg cartons, package dampening and other single-use objects. There lies a missed opportunity in this material’s properties, and that spot is today filled with other materials instead.

It’s common to say that quality lies in lasting products, but that idea often gets stuck in build quality and knowingly or not, material. What about lasting design and use? What about a product lasting in relation to the time it’s being used? Everything doesn’t have to be made to last for centuries. Everything should not be made to last for centuries.

Almost everything is however, since a huge amount of products are made out of plastic. Molded paper pulp can be one of the materials to battle plastic, not in all of its fields, but in some. And when it comes to plastic, some means a lot.

By breaking down every piece of paper and cardboard around me for months I slowly refined ways to reshape the material and found that this very act holds paper pulps great potential. We can reshape it at home, with what we’ve already got.