Packaging for cleaning products

Reducing single-use plastic packaging of household cleaning products by replacing it with a packaging system out of glass

The focus of this project is on the area of packaging design for cleaning products. The problem nowadays is that cleaning products for the household consist of up to 80% water. So basically a huge amount of plastic bottles filled with 80% water are transported around the globe. Currently, there are existing companies and projects that aim to get rid of the unnecessary transport of water by producing a solid cleaning substance in the form of tablets, granules or powder. My concept is based on this idea of selling cleaning products in solid form in package free stores.

The packaging proposed consists of two different bottles, one for the storage of the powdered cleaning substance and one for the addition of water and use. The pattern on the outside surface of the “powder-bottle” is the same as on the bottom of the “water-bottle“ to indicate how much powder the user should use when mixing a new substance. The opening of the “powder-bottle” fits into the opening of the “water-bottle” to simplify the refilling.

This product should enhance a rethinking in the area of packaging design of cleaning products from a linear system to a circular one.

Project info
Elisabeth Langer
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