Organic Farmer Dog Whistle

This whistle is a tool for the organic local farmer. The ‘silent’ dog whistle is a proven effective tool to train and give orders to the dog. The tone of the whistle can be changed by sliding the end parts. Thereby a high pitch sound can be created, which gets the attention of the dog and can be heard over a larger distance.

As an organic local farmer, you want to reduce the ecological footprint of our food. Therefore the use of responsible animal labour in the form of cattle and horses is encouraged instead of the use of fossil fuel and chemical fertilisers. However, on the farm there is a lot of man oriented labour. This is because we have the hands to manipulate our environment. The man labour also increases the price tag of the local eco-food.

Dogs have mouths with which they can manipulate objects, similar to human hands. Think of the blind guide dogs that can manipulate objects. There is an opportunity to train and use dogs to do human labour on the eco-farms.

Project info
Richard de Jong
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