Zero Gravity Aquaponic Module

OGAM is an innovative aquaponics module designed for future zero-gravity space stations, addressing the challenge of daily astronaut nutrition in space. Current meals, pre-cooked and imported from Earth, pose logistical challenges. Aquaponics appears to be a promising solution for efficient food cultivation in a zero-gravity environment. This closed virtuous circle involves raising fish in the same water where plants grow, eliminating the need for soil.

Beyond its functional benefits, the concept enhances astronaut mental well-being by incorporating living animals and plants, fostering a connection with Earth. Additionally, the inclusion of pink light, emitting necessary UV rays for plant growth, further optimizes the system. The modular design allows for the connection of multiple modules, creating a larger space for fish and enabling the cultivation of more plants.

Project info
Alexandre Vacher
Presskit (89.48 MB)