Octo is a pair of eyeglasses customized for casual sports, made in one piece without screws or hinges.

Today’s sports glasses are great for rather extreme sports like biking, skiing and running often in tough weather conditions. They protect against wind, rain, blinding sun in the snow but also insects and dirt. But what about those people who perform casual sports such as gym, jogging and yoga? I wanted to focus on a new target group, people who use these not only during casual sports but in the everyday life, who values the combination of great comfort and style. Octo is a combination of the functionality of today’s sports glasses with the design language used in high fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Percy Lau, and Acne Studios. The curved frame and the straight temples which is one of the key features provide optimized comfort for different face shapes. The elimination of screws and hinges provides a sustainable production and recycling process.

Project info
Nina Cherrug