object with a seating function

How to capture lightness and fluidity in one object?

In my interpretation of the design, the space around the object is as important to me as the object itself. Only by having the right place, light and surroundings, the object works properly. It should stand for itself but at the same time be one with its environment.

The thought of materiality and immateriality caught me from the beginning of my design process. On the one hand, my object is there, you can sit on it, it exists, occupies space, and makes a statement. But on the other hand, it does not.

I have designed a chair, which is first and foremost not a chair. It is an object with a seating function. What is not meant to be particularly comfortable, ergonomic, or inviting to spend a whole evening on it. But to invite to look at it, to perceive the space around it, to ask questions, to stimulate discussions, to think. It translates emotions into a form while using a minimalistic design language.

Furthermore, it is also about contrasts, from existing to not existing, round to angular, transparent to opaque, reflective to matt. By comparing extremes we perceive our environment and set what we like and whatnot. We all form an opinion about everything. Some are important, others less.

Project info
Kristina Keil
Bachelor 3rd year
Presskit (3.14 MB)