Nomad is a bed that facilitates moving between cities, countries and continents during your academic education.

During their studies, many academics move multiple times between cities, countries or continents. While heading to the next place, heavy or bulky furniture becomes the archenemy in transportation. Nomad provides a solution to this problem with its flexibility. Once installed, it is a full-sized bed that will guarantee a good night’s sleep on its 120x200cm mattress. For transportation, the mattress will be folded up and secured with Velcro. The frame’s slats collapse in half and are then stored inside the hollow metal feet. Bungee cords hold the packages together and make them ready to move. One bed folds into two portable packages of only 13.5 kg each and includes shoulder straps for comfortable carrying. Made from European ash plywood and powder coated steel.

Project info
Philipp Aussem