A concept exploring the possibility to preserve kitchen waste more efficient in the modern shared living.

neo aims to improve the kitchen environmental condition in the shared living space, which becomes more common when more and more places are urbanized.

Unwelcoming odor and pests are caused due to the characteristics of kitchen waste. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to endure when one has to share a kitchen with other several flatmates.

Current solution on the market has been using dehydration and shredding to reduce the problem of kitchen waste. With an extra process, which is using a wax container to isolate the dehydrated waste from the humidity, preventing it from fermenting again. It leads to a more sanitary and more space-efficient kitchen waste preservation.

The other huge effort put into this project was the focus on eliminating the trash-related impression and the emotion of modern living through form, semiotics, and materials. By exploring every aspect of a product, every single element from neo is designed to be a calm and smooth existence in the kitchen.

Project info
Cheng-Yo Lee