A furniture collection exploring the possibility of repurposing undesired items

The amount of discarded products circulating in society is hard to grasp. Recycling is often the first go-to, if an object cannot be passed on through the second-hand market. However, with an alternative focus on how products primarily can be repurposed, I explored ways of extending their lifespan. A lot can be made from already existing objects, by seeing them as building blocks for something new.

My project deals with materials that already have a history, something I wanted to highlight and preserve. By showcasing the traces of the items’ previous life, while adding a contemporary narrative, I hope to revive interest in these neglected objects. Almost like a treasure hunt, looking for pieces with potential to be turned into a new whole.

As opposed to valued traces, we also have society’s obsession with newness and cleanliness. Some objects seem to be accepted in an older condition, while others are not. The wish to raise the status of materials that are currently considered less desirable led me to plastic, office supplies and similar that aren’t needed any more due to digitalisation. With my furniture collection I hope to open up a conversation about what we are able to create from things we already have, as well as a discussion regarding the possibility to rearrange these objects in the future – to be able to meet changing needs.

Project info
Ellen Johansson