A body heat-powered nightlight for children

What if we could use our body heat to light up a lamp? Future sensors are currently being developed to self-power devices thanks to thermoelectricity. This prospective lamp is as much a magical spark for a cozy bedtime routine as it is a showcase of the potential for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Nightlights on the market mostly rely on batteries or frequent recharging, and they sometimes emit short wavelength and cold color light that can affect the circadian system, making it harder to fall asleep. Nattinatt, on the other hand, diffuses a warm, dim light from the moment it is held in the hands, creating a calming ambiance that helps with the transition between day and nighttime before a restful slumber. Children can fall asleep with the light, which will turn off when skin contact is lost. Unnecessary light pollution is therefore avoided while sleeping.

Project info
Paulina Andersson
Margot Landry
Trang Thuy Nguyen