N-2030 is an autonomous, car-sharing interior concept that suggest what we humans could be doing in the future of vehicles.

In the future of vehicles, dead time during travelling opens up new abilities of how people want to spend their time during trips. N-2030 has a focus point on investigating how people have and are using free time in everyday life. Fully autonomous vehicles opens up an opportunity to break the tradition of what to do in a future car interior, and instead look at a vehicle from a new perspective.

One of the main things in the project has been to analyse what activities humans should do when the vehicle is: IN MOTION and STATIONARY. The secondary biggest focus has been to create something unique and catch the emotion of how humans should use the interior. N-2030 is designed to be used for a duration of 15-60 minutes in cities.

I believe it is important to me as a designer to find a new approach on how to look at vehicle interiors and Its future purpose, and to create something unique.

This Bachelor Thesis has been in collaboration with the Swedish electric car maker NEVS.

Project info
Arvid Schwartz