alternating furniture piece to combine work and rest

Extended sitting at a desk or in front of a screen can be harmful. It can cause a lot of problems from backaches, strained neck to depression. Lack of sleep is a side effect of stress as well. Breaks and rest are vital. Motsats is a furniture with two uses. A desk chair, designed for a healthy sitting posture. A lounge chair to relax and sleep, designed for a pleasant and relieving sleep by elevating the legs higher than the body. Motsats can alternate between the two usage modes with the user. It quickly transforms between work and rest modes. Push open the bottom part of the desk to unfold the desk into a backrest. Turn 180° on the seat. Lay your body back to tilt the chair into a lounge chair.  Work and rest never got so close, Motsats is for successful people, people who rest not quit.

Project info
Snehan Chakravarthi
Presskit (28.34 MB)