A project that explores the design of household tools, created for one purpose only.

Through history of household tools, there always seem to appear objects made for only one purpose. Often they are incomprehensible for our contemporary eyes. But they all have one thing in common; they are beautiful storytellers. They mirror the time when they were in use, even if it was for only a brief moment.

The project applies the concept of storytelling monotools on behavior, trends and situations in today’s households. The specialized tools are created with a purpose to make it easier for the user. Either they do, or maybe they just turn into items to collect.

The exploration resulted in a set of tools: Strainer for beans in cans or cartons, handle for kitchen sponge to clean cutting boards for vegetables, halloumi cheese slicer, feta cheese dicer, potato scrub bowl, plant pot jewelry that tells if the soil is moist and a tool for separating the iron part from the aluminum in tea light candles.

Project info
Agnes Sjöberg