Modular Shoe


In our modern society consumption continues to increase rapidly with a variety of different items, products and materials being purchased. It is often easier and more tempting to simply pay for a new product and look the other direction, than it is to reuse and refurbish the old.
Shoes today regularly use glue to hold the parts together, this makes it hard to restore the shoe when needed. So, instead of repairing the used shoe we buy new ones once it gets a little worn or tattered, even though the majority of the shoe is in good condition.

My product has been developed by the principle of design for disassembly, to easily take it apart and recycle it. The modularity also enables the user to reuse and change worn out parts of the shoe, which prolong the lifetime of the shoe and benefit the environment. The upper toe box is made wider for better ergonomics as well as minimize tear on the material. The sole is made replaceable which gives the user the opportunity of changing it when it’s worn out or when they want a change of style. Restoring shoes is most commonly done by a cobbler, which takes time and can be expensive. The modular shoe subtracts that obstacle with its user friendly agenda – anyone can change the sole. Material used for the upper is heatpressed plastic bags

Project info
Markus Åkerman