A flexible home office divider that allows the user to easily put away work at the end of the day.

Modes was designed to improve and structure the working from home situation in a simplistic way. Place the divider on any desk or table to create a working area within the compact home.

Modes is made up of three vertical panels that create visual and some acoustical privacy, and are used to organize essential office tools. When not in use, Modes is folded together and takes up minimal space.

This product is highly modular in its usage, the panels fold in both directions, allowing the user to create their preferred working space. Modes is customizable in terms of color, material, and choice of accessories that are easily attached and detached.

Thanks to the product’s flexibility I believe it would be suitable for the open floor plan office as well, where both the need for privacy and collaboration is very important.

Project info
Sara Sigurdardottir