A teaching mirror

Over the course of time, sensors have become a decisive part of our everyday lives. They are built into all kinds of products to simplify tasks and make them even better suited to the user’s needs. To further develop this principle of sensor technology, Milo – a teaching mirror was created.

The aim of the project was to design a smart mirror that supports people in gaining skills or boosting existing ones. Milo can help to improve hand gestures, posture, and general body movements with the help of a motion-tracking sensor.

Milo serves as a personal coach, providing instant feedback on the user’s actions. In contrast to video tutorials or other common home teaching methods, the mirror is able to respond to its user and provides immediate feedback that is customized to the individual’s skill level.

The applications of the teaching mirror go far beyond those of conventional smart mirrors. While these mainly provide information or support during sports exercises, Milo can also help with learning sign language, playing an instrument, improving body language, and much more.

Project info
Johan Elmdahl
Nicole Steiner
Melanie Walder
Sabrina Zetzsche