Make-up Container

Glass containers for different types of makeup products

The cosmetic sector is the leading area of plastic packaging with its market size steadily rising every year which is resulting in 120 billion units of plastic waste being produced annually. Leading market brands attempt to attract customers through the use of fashionable packaging and therefore plastic inevitably ends up being the most common material used, due to its freedom in usage of design and low manufacturing costs. As well as creating a huge waste problem, plastics contain hazardous and toxic materials which interacts with some of the skin care products.

These glass containers aim to move towards to a circular economy system by reusing and refilling makeup products instead of using single use plastic packaging. They are designed to
be used in indoor environments and consider the approximate dimensions of current common makeup product containers and brush sizes. The feasibility of the manufacturing possibilities were considered during the design process. The small containers are a suitable fit for lip balms, eye shadows and eyeliners. The larger containers are suitable for blush and concealer/foundation. Glass as the principal material, has important characteristics, such as its transparency as it is possible to see the colours of the makeup when the containers are closed. During the manufacturing process, the vessels were produced by blowing glass into plaster moulds without rotation. The lids were produced by sand casting and pressing at the same time.

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