A light to create tranquility and provide a connection with nature

The luminaire creates water ripples that reflects in a playful pattern onto its surroundings. We surround ourselves with objects that remind us of nature when we are unable to be in it. We incorporate it in architecture, buy allotments in the city and listen to thunder, rain and waves to help us relax. Can we utilize light to make the same connection? At our workplace, in the city or at home we are constantly surrounded with static light, whereas light in nature is always in motion. The slight motion of the sun, the flickering of light through the heavy brush of the moving trees or the reflections of water onto the rocks can be soothing for the mind.

Maelstrom is an object that uses magnetism to create ripples on the water surface of the dish below the light. The LED gently pulsates, emulating the changing intensity of the sun. A magnetic stirrer changes in pace to create dynamic patterns of reflections that projects onto the surrounding surfaces.

Project info
David Bursell
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