Your everyday light.

Light is a human need that is often taken for granted. What would our everyday life look like if a significant power outage were to occur? We have designed a portable dimmable luminaire that can be charged with a positionable solar panel. The luminaire can be used daily or when no other source of light is available.

Through design and social sustainability, the aim of the project has been to strengthen the preparedness of city dwellers. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency advises the public to get by for 72 hours without the government’s help. In our research, we discovered that city dwellers have very little preparedness should any kind of crisis arise. This is due to low interest among the target group and the fact that the preparedness products available on the market have a military appearance that does not attract them.

By giving the lamp everyday utility, you can increase the target group’s motivation to strengthen their preparedness. The psychological crisis attachment to the product disappears if you are surrounded by and use it in your everyday life.

A large part of the project has been the exploration of different light sources, how light spreads and how it is experienced in different scenarios. With reality as a limitation, we have developed a concept that works and fulfills its purpose. We were able to mount all of the components in the lamp’s upper section while leaving the battery in the lower section as a calm overtone against the frosted plexiglass. The lamp can be fully disassembled and all parts are replaceable.

The lamp is dimmable and is lit by turning the upper part, which is made of anodised aluminium. The hook makes it possible to hang and place the lamp wherever you want. The shape and design language of the light are inspired by Scandinavian matte tones. Depending on the target group’s decor, in contrast to the neutral, we have made cords in different colour options. If the power goes out, you can charge the lamp with the associated solar panel.

800 lm (dimmable), 2700 K 

5 hr (can be upgraded to 10 hr)