LYKKE - a flexible cabinet

The initial idea of the project was to create a sense of security in a stressful environment. With this idea, I landed in an exploration of what to do to prevent stress.

Coffee breaks are popular all around the world and have been for centuries. The phenomenon of “kafferep” (coffee party) arose in Sweden as coffee drinking became popularized. People started serving it at home, and for women, it was a way to spend time with other women. At the time, it was a rare occurrence for women to consort without men or children present. Thus, the concept of “kafferep” holds even more importance, and was a social event where women felt a sense of security. It was also a time for the households to show off. “Kafferep” is the first resemblance to modern day fika.

Taking a break is a simple, yet effective way to not only increase the quality of our work, but also to unwind. This flexible coffee cabinet forces you to take a break and focus on one activity at a time. 

Project info
Fanny Pettersson