Lust is dedicated to encourage a healthier discussion about sex and masturbation by taking on a new generation of sex toys.

A majority of us masturbate regularly but few consider it important to talk about masturbation in our close relationships. Today, pornography, in the absence of an open discussion, seems to be an unspoken source to education for young people. It is the leading moderator on the topic in the society and is in command of, and prevails the norm, regarding sex. It gives an utterly monotonous and outdated image of what sexual intercourse is and can be.

Lust was designed with the ambition to question the today very clear connection between the sex toy industry and the porn industry by focusing on exploration instead of preparing for intercourse. It aspires to de-stigmatize and encourage a healthier discussion about sex and masturbation. A discussion that hopefully contributes to increased self-awareness, self-esteem and understanding of consent.

Project info
Lauritzen Natalia